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Cooked food

Salted Nori

Fr. 6

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Treasure food

Cooked food

Salted Nori

Fr. 6

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Salted nori made with 100% aosa (sea lettuce) from Ise-Shima, and sea salt and soft brown sugar from Nagasaki Prefecture for a sweet finish.

Enjoy the flavor and texture of aosa sea lettuce. Contains no preservatives, coloring, or artificial sweeteners. 

Contents: 90g
Weight (With packaging):210g
Country of origin: Japan
How to enjoy: Use with hot white rice for onigiri rice balls.
Precautions: Store in refrigerator and consume promptly after opening. The seaweed in this product is harvested in a fishery that includes shrimp and crab.
Storage: Store at room temperature, and avoid direct sunlight.  
Manufacturer: Takara Syokuhin Co.

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  ・ Japan

Item No. V03665999028
Jan: 4901873166809

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