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Roasted Brown Rice Tea   teabag type (5g x 15 bags)

Fr. 10

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Nishio tea


Roasted Brown Rice Tea   teabag type (5g x 15 bags)

Fr. 10

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This is an "Organic roasted brown rice tea" which brings out its sweetness of rice, having a refreshing aftertaste. Only agrochemical-free and JAS-certified organic brown rice from Kagoshima is used. Brown rice containing rich dietary fiber increases polyphenols and minerals by roasting at low temperature for a long period of time and it helps to improve your health. It is a decaf healthy tea even though it is named "roasted brown rice coffee" because of its coffee-like color and its aroma. It can be served for all ages.


■ Ingredients: brown rice (JAS-certified)

■ Contains: 75g

■ Weight (incl. packaging): 93g

■ Place of origin: Japan

■ How to serve:

・Place 1 teabag (5g) and pour hot water in a cup.

・It will be ready in approx. 3 minutes. Enjoy when the strength is right for your taste.

◦To arrange

・Serve with soy milk (milk), sugar, honey, cinnamon, etc.

・It is useful for making sweets and dishes, and diluting  for Shochu.

■ How to store: at room temperature (avoid high temperature and humidity, and store in cool places. Best consumed immediately after opening the package.)

Item No. V04823999028

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