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Bread Lamp Petit Croissant

Fr. 53

Out Of Stock 745479999028


Bread Lamp Petit Croissant

Fr. 53

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This appetizing bread is not for eating!

This product was named after "pan", the Japanese word for bread. "pan" + "lampshade" = "Pampshade". This completely new interior light is made out of real bread. We love bread, we think it's cute, and we want to decorate our rooms with it. That's why we made this one-of-a-kind interior light. Lovingly handmade bread shines a romantic glow on you. 

Set contents: 1 lampshade
Materials: bread flour, cake flour, yeast, LED, coin battery, other
Size: approximately 5-8 cm diameter
Power source: 3 button batteries (LR44 lithium batteries)
*Continuous lighting time: approximately 100 hours
*This product is made of real bread, so individual shape and size may vary slightly. Inside is hollowed out during production process, so cracks or small holes may rarely be present, but these are not defects and do not present a risk of mold or decomposition.
Storage instructions: This product is made of real bread, but it has been completely dried and all surfaces have been coated with resin, including interior.
*Product is not guaranteed to be serviceable after many years.
One Pampshade is not bright enough to read by.
(Made in Japan)

Item No. 745479999028

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