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Upholding the aesthetic ideals of Kyoto
for over 100 years.


Yojiya began in 1904 with a stage makeup peddler in Kyoto, the center of Kabuki, geisha, and other traditional performing arts. Its trademark oil blotting papers were invented in the 1920s. The founder was inspired to use gold leaf lining paper to blot oil from actors' skin under strong film lights. He created and sold a palm-sized notebook of this paper, which became the origin of the product we know today.
Yojiya oil-blotting paper became a popular Kyoto souvenir with young women in the 1990s and remains beloved over 100 years after its birth.

The true beauty of a woman,
brought out by Yojiya to shine on the world.


Yojiya cosmetics favor non-irritating natural ingredients to care for sensitive skin and bring out women's true beauty.
For example, Yojiya values the old-fashioned gesture of applying lipstick with a brush. We find beauty in the meticulous care of a woman willing to spend a few moments performing her toilette with carefully crafted implements. Yojiya aims for women's true beauty, born out of the aesthetic ideals of Kyoto.


Yojiya brings out women's true beauty - delivered around the world by EVERYTHING FROM.JP.

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