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KITAMURA Iseshima cut wakame seaweed 12g×10packs

Fr. 36
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In Stock V03199999028
Kitamura Bussan


KITAMURA Iseshima cut wakame seaweed 12g×10packs

Fr. 36

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Rich wake seaweed from Iseshima sea. It is high quality in taste, fragrance, color, and product quality. A household essential!

■Ingredients: Boiled wakame seaweed (Iseshima)

■Content: 12g×10packs

■Made in Japan

■How to serve: When making soup, throw the seaweed directly into the pot. When putting into salads or picked dishes, put the seaweed through hot water and lightly rinse it before adding. 

■Precautions: *When softened, the seaweed will become multiply by 15-16 in volume. Beware not to use too much. *Over cooking seaweed can cause loss in texture/taste 

■Storing: Store in a cool dry place, avoiding extreme heat and humidity

■Manufacturer: Kitamura Bussan, Co.

Item No. V03199999028

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KITAMURA Iseshima cut wakame seaweed 12g×10packs 4

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