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Black Rice Tea 7 packs

Fr. 5

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Kamori Rice Grain Store


Black Rice Tea 7 packs

Fr. 5

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This black rice tea is very popular among health-conscious people which you can easily intake the healthy ingredients of black rice. Black rice has been eaten as an old-styled healthy rice, abundantly containing polyphenol and anthocyanin. Hokkaido-made black rice "KITANOMURASAKI" brings out its rich flavor. Enjoy with your meals or snacks.

Contains: 7 packs


Ingredients: black rice "KITANOMURASAKI"

Contains: 3g x 7 packs

Weight (incl. packaging): 21g

Place of origin: Japan

How to serve: recommended to mix with Shochu (Japanese alcohol) as well.

Caution: Avoid strong scent, sun light, high temperature and humidity.

How to store: store  at room temperature

Expiration date (from manufacturing date): 365 days

Item No. V04762999028

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