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  9. Tensei Shuzo Umeshu Plum Wine - Tsumugu


Tensei Shuzo Umeshu Plum Wine - Tsumugu

Fr. 30

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Tensei Shuzo Umeshu Plum Wine - Tsumugu

Fr. 30

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Premium umeshu made with Nanko-ume plums harvested in a small town 
called Osaki in Kagoshima prefecture. The brewmasters from Tensei Shuzo
hand-picked every single one of the plums.

For an enhanced taste of these precious plums, sugar content
is intentionally reduced.

■Tensei Shuzo Brewery: Umeshu Project
While in search of a new way to energize their community using
their brew, they met Mr. Yamashita, who had been producing plums
without the use of pesticides for years. He generously offered to
provide them with his plums and that's when their journey of crafting
Tsumugu, their new umeshu began.

Tensei Shuzo's brewmasters hand-picked Mr. Yamashita's plums,
removed the stems and scraped scratches. It was a painstaking process
but they were determined and united to create their soon-to-be signature umeshu.

When it came to picking the right liquor for the umeshu, they didn't just
want to pick the liquor, they wanted their whole community to join 
in their decision-making process. They held a town hall and prepared different types
of their brew so that their friends, neighbors and anyone in the community
can cast their vote to choose the best liquor for the umeshu.

The winner was their imo shochu (made with sweet potatoes) and it was a landslide.
While many folks tend to dislike the distinctive aroma of imo shochu,
Tensei Shuzo's imo shochu separates itself from others in that
it is made using their original brewing method called "Hayatare Joryu",
which extracts alcohol at the best stage of distillation.

Osaki's motto is, "Nature is the treasure, our hearts weave our town."
With that in mind, they named this umeshu "Tsumugu", which means "weave" in English.

Not mass-produced but each one of the bottles is made out of a whole lot of love.

■Content: 500ml
■Ingredients: Shochu (Sweet Potatoes), Plums, Sugar
■Alcohol Content: 13%
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 1050
■Shochu: Made in Kagoshima, Plums: Made in Kagoshima, Sugar: Made in Japan
■How to serve: On the rocks/with soda
・Avoid drinking this product while pregnant/breastfeeding.
・Underage drinking is illegal.
・Do not drink and drive.
■Storage: Store at room temperature.
■Manufacturer: Tensei Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Drinking under the age of 20 is prohibited by Japanese law. Regarding delivery to outside Japan, we will refuse ordering of alcoholic beverages for those under the age of 20. 
(Taking consideration of law and regulation on each country, we are limiting the countries and areas that deliver alcoholic beverages on our site.)

Item No. V06091999028

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